So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


I’m sorry to say that Shotachan is now permanently closed.

I can no longer carry this burden. It’s not compatible with my life or the life I want for myself, so I have to let it go. I’ve been looking to retire from the shota scene for a long time now, so this isn’t a sudden decision by anyone and I want you to know it’s one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make.

For the past year I have considered how I would do all of this. I never found a way that would satisfy myself or you or anyone else who regularly uses this site or was part of this community. Everyone’s first thought will be something like ‘Just pass the site on to someone else’…but it’s really not that simple. I would have definitely done so if that scenario existed. Of the few people I knew who would be able to carry on with Shotachan, none wanted this burden either.

Sorry for not giving everyone a heads-up. I would definitely be pissed if I wasn’t the asswipe that is glad to be walking away from it all. It needed to be a clean break or I’d probably wind up getting sucked back in for another year and I just can’t.

I’m really going to miss everyone. From those I’ve known for over a decade to those I’ve only gotten to know recently…I will miss ya and I hope you do well in life. I’m sorry for whatever pain or inconvenience this causes.

Goodbye, guys.


It doesn’t all have to be grim news though! I know of some very talented people who are working on some pretty cool projects for shota fans. There’s also a new scanlations group forming to take the place of Shotachan Scanlations.

Chin² Scanlations



The last month of donations will be used to pay for cold storage for Shotachan’s digital remains and passed to trusted individuals who will act as stewards for the data.

Shotachan Scanlations

The scanlations team will be retired and most of the members will be joining the successor group Chin² Scanlations. A mirrored version of the scanlations blog will be hosted there as an archive.

Scanlation Commissions

If you had a commission being worked on by the team, it’s still being worked on. Your commission will be released by Chin² Scanlations. They will reach out to you soon.

ShotaCat’s Scans

All of my doujinshi collection is being donated to Chin² Scanlations. They will continue to release those books to the public.

Social Discord Server

The main social Discord server that existed is permanently closed unless the regulars of that Discord decide to reopen it. Ownership will be passed to a long-time regular of the chat.