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Good news, everyone! Today, I'd like to announce the opening of our very own shotachan store!

We decided to open up a store since the shota community is really lacking in this area. The shotachan store will be a place where you can buy physical and digital shota goods. Most of the items will be custom made by us, which means lower prices. There will also be non-shotachan made products such as sex toys, but the price will be as low as possible for those.

If you've ever wanted to support western shota artists AND get something in return, then this is your way to do so. Every sell from an artist-designed product will directly support that artist.

Artists! If you're an artist and want to create designs for the shop, please message me. We offer commissions from each sell. Non-artists can submit designs for a coupon to use on their next order, for that product. Designs can be submitted for shirts, art prints, buttons, and more. Suggestions are also welcome.

What about privacy?
As with shotachan itself, all data is hosted on a secure server. If you decide to buy a physical product, then it will be packaged in a plain box with no indication of it's contents. Packaging is discreet.

How much is shipping?
For domestic (USA) orders, there will be a flat-rate shipping of $7. All orders over $75 will ship free.

What about international order?

You have two options.

1.) Order from us. There will be a shipment calculator at checkout. Unfortunately, we can not offer free shipping for international orders.
2.) You can also use a deputy service (a service that ships gives you a USA address and ships to you). The domestic shipping rates above will apply to any deputy service order.

We will make every effort to make shipments as discreet as possible but please check your local laws before making an international order.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can post them in this thread.
An enemy uses transformation magic to give Ladybug a floppy part and Cat Noir takes it upon himself to help turn her back to normal.

Title: Teki no Shoi de Futanari ni sareta Ladybug ga Cat Noir no Shojo wo Ubacchau hon
Artist: Kito
Circle: 21kg
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pages: 26
Commissioner: Sam
Translator: TheRobotsGhost
Editor: TheRobotsGhost
Scanner: Sam
QC: Cipher-kun, jay19

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Artist Info:
Pixiv | Twitter | Support the Artist!
Best friends, Kaeda and Natsuhiko, do the best thing they can do together.

Ano hi, boku ha shinyuu to sex shita
Artist: ri.
Circle: FlowerBlade
From: Original
Pages: 36
Translator: DP152
Editor: DP152
Scanner: ShotaCat
QC: Cipher-kun, TRG

Mediafire | Mega | ExHentai | MyReadingManga | Shotachan Gallery

Artist Info:
Pixiv | Twitter | Support the Artist!
Mao-kun helps Yukiomi with a little stress relief after work.

Title: Boku no Mao
Artist: Kazushi
Circle: Rideshion
From: Original
Pages: 34
Translator: TheRobotsGhost
Editor: jay19
Scanner: ShotaCat
QC: Az, Cipher-kun

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Artist Info:
Pixiv | Website | Support the Artist!