Boy @ Connect! product = version1 full!!!

Boy @ Connect! product = version1 full!!! 2018-12-31

No permission to download
Please try the trial version first before you download the file.
It work's for me so im not responsible if it dosent work for you.

1) PLEASE PURCHASE THE PRODUCT TO SUPPORT THE AUTHOR TO MAKE MORE. (artist needs to go back to shota... to bara lately)
2) i won't bother with any translation. again this bought for the whole of shotachan and i did warn to use trial version as it works (original language) for me and the game loads properly. (then contact the author and ask them to make an english version. you guys buy and share then~ we all good that way. not shota enough - just enough to meet the shota condition. then it passes as shota.)

One day a boy who arrived in a box arrived! What? A boy named boys type android "Taku" is perfect for cleaning and laundry dishes .... In the evening my "care" also ...!
What? In good spirits! Innocently!

The story of a summer that you spend as a boy who can give you a "love story"!
Dating and sexually falling in love! Pleasant muscles that can bounce up young boys fostering love with Shota Animation ADV This summer you fall in love with a boy ....

High resolution animation without image deterioration absolutely packed without pulls! The story is separated from the love part-etch part, and the "main-even" mode for those who want to see the etch many times is also installed!

On the HOME screen you can touch the body you can touch! To the place where the nipple on the face is important.
If you increase your love affinity with a dear event that occurs on touch, the ending will change or the response will be an etch.
It is possible to check the love affinity with the "secret" in the game!
You can get dressed costumes at special events that occur when you save love.
You can change to your liking and touch with HOME.

Please collect all kinds by all means In this work, I am using LIVE 2 D. Although the operation confirmation at WIN 7 / 8.1 / 10 is cleared, the operation guarantee is only WIN 10. Always invoke "trial version", please purchase after checking the operation. ■ Production: UNDEAD WORLD Project / Original: Hashimoto Yu and File Capacity Approximately 700 M Recommended Environment CPU Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or more Memory 4 MB or more HDD 1. Capture.PNG
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Not really a shota and not in english. What I played was all a bit weird.
I tried using VNR (Visual Novel Reader) on this, but i need an H-code. I tried using ITH (Interactive Text Hooker) to get that, but in the ITH's latest usable format, i come up with naught but error codes. This game is currently untranslatable, therefore i cant say i've played it properly.
A bit older than I like but, left a load on his face & one up his butt...
Thanks cheshier!

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