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Degrees of Lewdity/Degrees_Of_Pedity Personal Mod 1.2.4

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Made by author: goodstuff , from the website "All the Fallen"

This is a standalone download and play modded version of Degrees of Lewdity, that adds age selection so you can play as shota or loli from 6 to 16, whereas the original has a fixed age of 17 for main character. Below is notes form the description page for ATF. this does appear to be updating to be compatable with the originals updates! so check this for updates too!

Just personal edits made to modded version of the game. Still buggy. Please support Vrelnir and the official release!
All thanks and credit goes to Vrelnir for the official release and Pedy for the modded game.
I could never do what they do, but made this mod for my personal use.
Thought some people might enjoy trying it though.
The descriptions and text edits in the game are pretty over-the-top.
I maybe have gone too far, already had to scale back some long descriptions.
Oh and bugs, still lots of those. I'm always finding more.
But please enjoy. Again thanks to Vrelnir, and if you like it, support Vrelnir please!

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There is a new update, mod 1.4, on the website.
It has a lot of good ideas, but still needs a fair amount of work. It is a little buggy, of course. I also think that the age related dialog needs to be specialized a bit. If you set it to on EVERY character is portrayed as the same age as your character. The wolves, attackers, everyone. It literally asked me to grab the 'BIG' wolf's 'childish' undeveloped penis(well something like that because my memory sucks, but it basically said that). I do like the cheats options because they allow you to experiment. Anyways great idea and I hope it is further developed. Thanks for sharing it with us : )

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