Degrees of Lewdity

Degrees of Lewdity

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homeday.gif Hello! First and foremost, this game is not mine. The original creator is Vrelnir and co-creators/supporters are People such as Bear229 and Ulithium_Dragon, so be sure to support the creators with your best \_^,^_/

In Degrees of Lewdity, you play as either a boy or girl making ends meet at his/her orphanage. The game progresses on a weekly basis, 5 days of which you go to school and learn/improve your skills. During the weekend, however, you are free to do what you want, whether you go swimming, find work at the local houses, or do some brother dancing to earn yourself some spending money!
Be careful though! Being a pretty face in the crowd, you can also be targeted and attacked! How you deal with them is up to you, though, whether you fight them off, jack them off, or just full-on let them have their way with you.

The game comes both in full picture mode and text-only versions of the game, so you play how you want. Personally, I recommend the pictured version for a more enjoyable experience.


P.S. To you modders out there, the game's image files come with the picture version. AKA, texture packs! ^3^
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Pretty good and most shortcomings of the game are from the fact it is not finished yet but still pretty good
I would love to rate... but i don't know how to run this game ???
Really great. Lots of options and I love the interaction sequences. I can see a lot of ways for this to continue and grow, so I'm looking forward to updates!

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