Degrees of Lewdity

Degrees of Lewdity

No permission to download
Pretty good and most shortcomings of the game are from the fact it is not finished yet but still pretty good
I would love to rate... but i don't know how to run this game ???
Really great. Lots of options and I love the interaction sequences. I can see a lot of ways for this to continue and grow, so I'm looking forward to updates!
Amazing game. I love these text based adventure games. Gotta say, this one left me covered in pre-cum for most of this weekend lol. My main critiques are the limited animations/images. Wish there was more of the person you are interacting with during the sex scenes. Would really be nice to see when you're banging a shota or a futa or when you're in a group. Also the dialogue during sex needs a lot of work I think. People tend to say very little or nothing at all. The only other kinda annoying thing is it's pretty grindy in raising relationships and whatnot.

But for the most part I love the interactions and the situations my character gets into :3
Tried it out, standard visual novel. Art was alright, story was almost nonexistent to get you to sex faster
Havent played it all the way but here is what im getting from this game.
Overall gameplay = Total of All Categories / Number of Categories
Art: 4/5 - Above Average, the art for characters are good but the background is a little bit below average.
Interface: 3/5 - Average, intuitive and easy to use, repeatably clicking makes the interface hard to use for an extended period of time.
Mechanic: 3/5 - Average, interesting but does get a lot repetitive while playing which makes it somewhat boring.
Storyline: 2/5 - Below Average, there is pretty much no storyline in this game.
Total: 3/5 Average, a game where you can sit back and relax while watching the main character getting fucked.
This game is getting better and better. Keep up the good work! It's a great game!
l LOVE this game with all of my mind, soul and body (especially the fun lower parts!! The fast updates are incredible along with the communication from the dev to players!
If you're reading this for real, you must know that this game is extremely hardcore. It took me a day to understand like 30% of the game. It's totally awesome, hot and so much fun. Addictive, in one word.
[One advice, don't go swim to the beach if it's your first time in the game and if your english is not correctly, I got wasted miiiiiillion of times, was hot yes, but stressful when it's your first week to pay £100 to god-knows-his-name guy]

Awesome game, Godlike!
this is great, and All the Fallen have made a mod for it that lets PC play youth from 6 yo to 16 yo and changes the txt to this interactions heres link it says its buggy, but it worked fine for me don't forget to enable it when you open the game too.
Getting better and better... :)
I will wait for the 3d art :P
It's a awesome game! I will always be waiting for updates, this is one of my favorites so far...
Game is wonderful! Fun to run around playing as a little sexual deviant ;p... The only problem i run into is the roundabout gangbang. I'll be unable to act due to pain and it'll cause a 5 person consecutive gangbang. Not exactly fun to be unable to even control the character. Meanwhile, if anyone has cheats I'd love some XD
This game has a lot of potential, but it needs some rebalancing. I assume Bailey expecting more and more money until it's almost impossible to pay him is intended, but every skill takes soooo long to raise and comes with a metric fuckton of Trauma. I don't think I went below "Disturbed" ever again after like.. a week ingame. It takes way too long to go down.

Once the Trauma / Rape frequency / Bailey money and Stat progression has been rebalanced, I'll keep it at 4/5. Good game.
Great game. I hope it will be continued. Is there any way out of the forest when the hunter get you? poor lil boy. More flirting and less rape is my only wish.
Is there a way to change the file save to boost up some of the skills? For testing purposes.
This game is great! Spent way too much time with it :p. Only complaint is that rape is too common and because of that I am always tormented.
it is an amazing game :D even tho that u go some steps and get immediatly raped that can be annoying . Maybe some friendly people would be nice :D
love this game and glad you uploaded it only problem is that when i tried the photo version i only some file that won't open don't know if i missed something the text version is great though
Did you download the text version first? Because if you did, saves on text versions of the game will only play as text saves. If you try playing a text-only save on the pic version, it will only play as text-only. If you make a new game using the pic version, it should work. Hope that helps ^.^
This game is great especially with the picture mode can make the game more experience than the text adventure

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