Hoshizaki Ryuu (Shouwa Prizm) – Santa-kun no Yoru | The Night of Santa-kun

Doujinshi Hoshizaki Ryuu (Shouwa Prizm) – Santa-kun no Yoru | The Night of Santa-kun

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What does a single shotacon wish for Christmas?

I was saving this for Christmas release so someone beat me to it, but enjoy a 2nd take on it regardless. Happy Holidays!

Title: Santa-kun no Yoru | The Night of Santa-kun
Circle: Shouwa Prizm
Artist: Hoshizaki Ryuu
Parody: Original
Pages: 14
Translator: alparslan
Editor: alparslan
QC: Cipher-kun, gmartinez12
Provider: Cipher-Kun
Scanner: ShotaCat


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Hey Santa-kun I´m also home alone. Thank you Cipher-kun!
Hot damn that's one cute shota , that's the type of Santa who needs punishing when he's naughty good thing he always checks the list twice... now that i think off it he's been on the naughty list for quite some time now... i can't imagine why though. anyway amazing doujinshi thanks so much <3
Apparently batteries WERE included...
Thanks Cipher-Kun!

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