Josou Awakening Plan: The Animated Novel

Josou Awakening Plan: The Animated Novel 2018-08-17

No permission to download
This is my first upload, if there are any issues with downloading it, please tell me.
  • This is an animated visual novel game by the Nighthawk team.
  • It contains pixel censoring, and is fully in Japanese.
  • There are no choices to be made, and the novel is fairly short.
  • I provided some translated info in the "readme" folder, including controls and navigation.
  • I did NOT make this game, and do not take any credit for its' development.

Below is a very rough translation of the games description:

"An unkind friend forced Tomoya to wear girls clothes, then "she" was penetrated.
It aroused a hidden feeling inside...
H scenes are entirely hand-drawn animation.
Please enjoy the oral cum-shot, penetration, molestation with voice included.
Please note there are no actual female characters depicted."

The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese.
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I can't read Japanese, and I'm sure that it would have been 10x hotter if I knew what was being said. That being said I decided to be fair and rate the game 4/5 instead of something lower.

My main problems were:
-> Language barrier.
-> Censorship.
-> Too short.
-> Not interactive / Linear story.

That aside, very hot.
Excellent short little story full of action! Got caught off guard when the role got reversed----Chiya fucks the PE Teacher, but at least it only showed Chiya's lewd face so I guess is fine XD

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