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Video Kid Trunks 2019-01-08

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I have more videos like this if you guy's are intrested. I make these videos but haven't uploaded them anywhere until now. If you'd like to see a compilation I could do one but I'd like to see how this does first. I'd call it Ryona cause I see those types of videos on youtube so I think that's what I'll call it.

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iI'd love to see more, please
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
I'd love to do more. I do this kind of stuff in my spare time. I'm glad you like these videos to. I have a question though. I'll do some with the Japanese voices as well but I'd like to know if you'd prefer the Japanese voices or the english ones? I like the english voices myself.
I do not understand - what is the point of this? There is more time spent on special effects than there is of him.
Junk !! A waist of time.

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