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Video Kid Trunks 2019-01-08

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iI'd love to see more, please
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
I'd love to do more. I do this kind of stuff in my spare time. I'm glad you like these videos to. I have a question though. I'll do some with the Japanese voices as well but I'd like to know if you'd prefer the Japanese voices or the english ones? I like the english voices myself.
I do not understand - what is the point of this? There is more time spent on special effects than there is of him.
Junk !! A waist of time.
I don't see the appeal of seeing Trunks beaten up in a videogame like this.
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
It's not so much about the video for me at least but the voices. Plus Trunks doesn't really fight much in dragon ball so I had to improvise

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