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Thanks. I hate it.
I've been made a great artist
just say thank you
Very Hot! thanks for sharing it
Realistic sounds, hope to see more of your vids ....
That sound is good, hope to see the vids that comes with it ...
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
I'm really into sounds and voices. I wanna find some other animations I can put sounds and voices to like I did with this one. Ones with saysome DBZ characters like Gohan, Goten, and Trunks? Or maybe I can use those sounds on some other animation videos I find. Idk.
iI'd love to see more, please
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
I'd love to do more. I do this kind of stuff in my spare time. I'm glad you like these videos to. I have a question though. I'll do some with the Japanese voices as well but I'd like to know if you'd prefer the Japanese voices or the english ones? I like the english voices myself.
Nicely dubbed Alex, thanks!
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
Welcome. I wanna do more with some of my favorite DBZ characters like Kid Gohan, and Kid Trunks. Wish I could animate sometimes but I'm more into sounds and voices.
I like this even though its a bit dry on the shota stuff! I believe the later episodes have more but i havent seen them.
5/5, would fap again!
Sounds great and that wiener bouncing *drolls*
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
I didn't animate it I just extended it and added sounds and voices to it. Really like how it turned out.
Looks and sounds nice
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
I din't animate it I just extended it and added sounds and voices to it. Really like how it turned out.
Cute lil game.
In spite of the censoring the quality of the animation shines through. 5stars for that.
Pretty good and most shortcomings of the game are from the fact it is not finished yet but still pretty good
Not my cup of tea but is decently done, the interface though is rather clunky and the transitions are a bit buggy
Great series. I understand Sir @Highland's comment but, Living in the apocalypse could bum you out. Just not enough to stop fucking!
I guess its a moral and species imperative in there.
Excellent be the word Highland...
Thanks Bonaparta!
Funny but short game :3
I love to see them cumming and they are rly cute
Would love to see more <3
realy cute^^ i hope this is not the end and we see them again :-)
Personal preference, I could do with a bit more expression in the faces during sex (boys and girls), but otherwise excellent as usual.

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