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Absolutely no idea what's going on butt, I'm totally good with it!
Thanks kinkysubarashii!
HUEHEUHEUE. It seems that this is a school for the rehabilitation of juvenile rebels or offenders that turns into a sexual paradise for men and the teacher gradually begins to indulge in sex with his students... But I'm not so sure! Still hot, tho xD. I'm glad you like, Meikiuke! Thank yooou!
Rex, Zeke, butt sex & hearts, pretty much all you need for a party...
Domo Cat!
Talk about 'pulling the plug'...
Domo Cat!
Tentacles...why'd it have to be tentacles?
Domo Cat!
It's pretty well done and the absence of censoring is a big plus. Didn't get a 5 star out of pure personal preference. I just don't like dicks that big on a shota.
I would love to rate... but i don't know how to run this game ???
A good solid 16 minutes of viewing pleasure. Lie back and enjoy!
I do not understand - what is the point of this? There is more time spent on special effects than there is of him.
Junk !! A waist of time.
Nice, I like it. 😋 Could you tell me the songs that you used in the video? ☺️
Beautifully written! Want to read more about these two.
More of these 2 please!
One of the best incest stories I have read so far. Would love to see more of these two!
Very intimate, I LOVE this one!!!
Beautiful! Want to read more between these two.
I don't see the appeal of seeing Trunks beaten up in a videogame like this.
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
It's not so much about the video for me at least but the voices. Plus Trunks doesn't really fight much in dragon ball so I had to improvise
Can you make a folder file with all the cgs separate from the video on it?? And the video is ok but its much better to look and read on cg for fapping experience
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
I can do that. I can't read Japanese so that's why I just made a video cause I like the pictures, and I like putting music to everything.
now you no why white men went to africa to capture black slaves
As was said, the tenderness is too great.

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