Maxi and Jake game

Maxi and Jake game 0.1.2b

No permission to download
Amazing game, the two boys are so cute!
do you know who is the developer of this game?? any source links?? twitter, deviantart, pixiv and etc??
Hi ejisback. The programmer is my friend, illustrations made by me.
I like it <3 i love the boy on the left his age , body and his dark yummy nipples
would love to see more of him , amazing game
Next chapter in progress....? I think it will take a couple of weeks or so.
Nice and cute, keep on making some more hot stuff ...
Cute lil game.
Not my cup of tea but is decently done, the interface though is rather clunky and the transitions are a bit buggy
Funny but short game :3
I love to see them cumming and they are rly cute
Would love to see more <3
realy cute^^ i hope this is not the end and we see them again :-)
That was fun! And the boys are really cute! I left them cumming for about a minute xD

Thanks girush!
cute little animated game. when they began cumming gallons non stop i started genuinely looking for a 'stop cumming' button :P
:) unlimited cumming fixed

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