One Day Magical Boy! 2017-12-26

One Day Magical Boy!

  1. Bluhhh
    Becoming a one day magical boy in order to rescue abducted friends!

    This is a 2D birds-eye view ACT mini game created with RPG TKool.

    Contains 6 event scenes from monster x shota (young boy) to shota x shota.
    3 boys in this game are fully voiced, please feel soothed by their cute voices.

    Runs only on PC. Please note that this game cannot be played on smartphones.


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Recent Reviews

  1. darkzero
    Version: 2017-12-26
    Story: Student wizard Nokudan need the collect sperms to make "red stone" for his exam. Since the Nokudan cannot cum, he let out the monsters to collect sperms for him. He kidnapped main character Haruto's friend Akika so Haruto become a migical boy to save his friend

    This game got three difficulties (easy, normal, hard), you get the same events for either one.
    Control: Z for shooting/taking wand, C for changing wand, Ctrl to lock nearby enemry, Tab to skip events.

    ***The purple wand is the strongest.

    You get hentai event when losing to slime, plant-like enemry, middle boss and last boss. After beating last boss and getting the friend end, continue until beating level 6-5 to unlock gallery mode and after scene.
  2. SoftSocks
    Version: 2017-12-26
    Now we just need someone to either work on translation
    or someone really patient to translate it with a walkthrough...
  3. cheshier
    Version: 2017-12-26
    your the real mvp