Paradice Lost -The boy who saw another paradice-

Paradice Lost -The boy who saw another paradice- 2018-04-13

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A boy surrounded by 4 men. RE222608_img_main.jpg
To earn money for his journey, he accepted the quest without listening until the end: "Sell your body."
Having never experienced the touch of a girl, let alone boy, this innocent boy has his first time stolen from him...

*An animation about 20 minutes long of a boy being r*ped*
*Fully animated, including the boy's lines and cum scene*
*Realsound synchronized to the animation, from the sound of insertion to the creaking of the bed*
*Beautiful high resolution (1920 x 1080px)*

-Video time: 19min 51sec
-resolution: 1920x1080px
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In spite of the censoring the quality of the animation shines through. 5stars for that.
Would've been awesome 5* if it's not been censored.
Awesome clip with English subts
It's great that it has English subtitles. And it's such a sexy video. Thanks for sharing!

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