Paradice Lost -The boy who saw another paradice-

Paradice Lost -The boy who saw another paradice- 2018-04-13

No permission to download
In spite of the censoring the quality of the animation shines through. 5stars for that.
Would've been awesome 5* if it's not been censored.
Awesome clip with English subts
It's great that it has English subtitles. And it's such a sexy video. Thanks for sharing!
Great video :D
Not bad. And for those don't know the characters that's rex from xenoblade chronicles 2
Simply AMAZING the animation and the illustrations are impeccable, and the audio wonderful. Really perfect. This is a work of art that definitely has to be in the collection of any Shota lover. Hot!! Hot!! Hot!! ^_^
Well I haven't came that hard in a long time, thanks for sharing~♥

The sounds, and animation are amazing, really immerses you into the story!
SO FAKING SMEXY!!!!! I might have gotten the biggest pervy nose bleed I've ever gotten xD
OMG SO FUCKING HOT...just wish the cocks weren't censored, but the rest of it is AMAZING. Those sound effects...the fingering, jerking, esp that hard wet fucking, are AWESOME
You gotta marvel at the quality of this, the length, the facial expressions so well done.
Was extremely hot, but love to see the boys penis decensored
5/5 of cause, thanks for posting, one piece wrestling suit (or swimsuit) is nice
Very well made and the boy looks delicious. In English and good quality.
5/5 - I gotta get through the second half though still ;)
WOW very good-High quality. I like the lessened censoring. I wish Japan would loosen the laws around that. Thank you for sharing it with us : )
This is really well made! Thanks for posting this, it's definitely worth downloading!
english? wow
Thank you very much for posting this download, the mp4 file works great.

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