Project X : Love Potion Disaster (windows)

Project X : Love Potion Disaster (windows) 2018-11-21

No permission to download
I found this game with some characters of the game Sonic for who is like the Tails will like the game very much I have not finished playing so do not know how to unlock new characters the game has the old fighting game format that you beating others enemies and will advance more during the battles will have beautiful hot scenes the game does not seem to be difficult and the controls are very simple I will leave a site where I found the game there have various information about it.
Hope you like it.
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Very nice I wish there were more then one shota but besides that it's refreshing to play a hentai beat um up
It's a fine game.
Could be more shota characters , but that's nitpicking.
Difficulty does increase, so be careful.
It is a fun game. I seem to be having issues with the 4th level. The nightmares if they attack me I then can not move.

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