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Savannah Cat Chapter 1-3

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This is a little visual novel project I started working on some time ago. It is set in a fictional African savannah inhabited by cat-boys. It focuses on immersion, shota cuteness and atmosphere.
The story is about a cat called Yanta, who in the story goes on an adventure into different parts of this fictional Africa, in order to help out his village.

So far Chapter 1 to 3 are ready, with one chapter still to be completed to finish the story.

The game was built in Renpy.
If you liked it please leave a review or a comment in the thread, I'd love to hear about your experience with the game:
Raven Blackbird
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Latest updates

  1. Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 is now done, and so begins the hunt for King Cat's treasure.
  2. Chapter 2 Update

    Chapter 2 has been added to the story. Yanta's adventure now continues beyond the village of...

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Cute characters and artstyle, it could use more character drawings though, especially at the sexy scenes.
Very good
You rock. This rocks. Thanks.

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