Shouta's Tragic Day

Shouta's Tragic Day 2018-10-06

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The peaceful life of protagonist Shouta
takes a weird turn when he wakes up to his mom and sister
sucking on his d*ck. It felt too good and he came.

This is the start of a very weird day for the cute otoko no ko.

RPG with simple puzzle solving elements
Talk to the village people to open up the paths

Items will be received for doing friendly favors...
A high lewdness level will unlock the lewd end.
Complete the entire game with zero lewdness for the "best" (happy) end.

CV: Yukanyan

Event scenes have full voice acting
(Shouta's voice as well as others)

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looks promising but theres an error when some png not loading so can't play. tried changing region but doesn't work and there isn't really a place to look for help so...
Set your locale to Japanese restart your computer make sure you have the Japanese language pack installed.. If it doesn't work after that delete the current file you have and download a fresh copy it should work. Let me know how it turns out.
Straight game
Works just fine.

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