True Friends Chapter 2.1

True Friends Chapter 2.1 1.202

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Chapter 2 allows you to play almost one week of the boys life of your boy.
You will find new friends and do some funny things togehter.
Take care of your brother and learn some new thing. Read in the diary to know who is who.

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  1. Chapter 2

    The second of many chapters. More days More Friends More Fun

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But i Really can't trigger more Noahs scenes, I have tried so many ways and it just don't work...
So cant trigger noahs more intimate scenes (the guide says to buy the teddy which i did before day 11 but the game ends on the 7th or 8th./( am i doing something wrong with noah cause he always seems to go from loving little brother to disliking me.

I tried to poke aaround to see if there was a way to spend more time with him but he just seems to shoo me away.
I would give it a better score if it was not for the random occasions when the boy's packages randomly change size as if they got a different one attached all of a sudden, and occasionally getting lost even when following the walk through... all in all the game is great, but I feel i can not give it a full rating since i gave that for IA and will proceed to give that to Boku no Pico series too lols

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