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Yogurtprince slideshow with epic music 2019-01-08

No permission to download
Just a slideshow I made with some if the images I downloaded from yougurtprince on dlsite. Hope you enjoy. I was trying to upload the video to the site not as a download, but as a video. If someone could help me with this that'd be appreciated.

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A good solid 16 minutes of viewing pleasure. Lie back and enjoy!
Nice, I like it. 😋 Could you tell me the songs that you used in the video? ☺️
Can you make a folder file with all the cgs separate from the video on it?? And the video is ok but its much better to look and read on cg for fapping experience
Alex qtva
Alex qtva
I can do that. I can't read Japanese so that's why I just made a video cause I like the pictures, and I like putting music to everything.

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