Account Policies

Account Policies

  • Users may have only one account each.
  • Users may not allow another person to use their account.
  • Users may not access or attempt to access the account of another member.
  • User accounts are for individuals to use as a means of public communication and are subject to moderation by the Terms of Service at all times.

Account Deletion

  • does not normally fulfill requests for account deletion.
  • "Right to be forgotten" laws do not apply to
Asking us to delete your account isn't enough to wipe all traces of your signup or participation on the site. Your account would still be visible in our content backups, database backups, server logs, etc. This is a free website and staff manage it in their limited free time. Additionally, pruning content is disruptive to the community as a whole and is frowned upon. Contacting us about account removal requests without a significant reason will be ignored.

Contacting us about "Right to be forgotten" laws will also be ignored since we are not a search engine.

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    Oct 19, 2018
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