Posting Etiquette

On this board, we promote intelligent and friendly discussion which can be handled much better if you read this small guide to increase your posting proficiency. While not enforced, this guide is advised to avoid drama, misunderstandings, and warnings/bans being issued to you.

First, you need to understand the rules we have at Shotachan. You can find our full set of hard rules here:

Now, let's go over the basics.

Spam Posts

Many people believe that posting one-word posts is a contribution to the community. We firmly believe that one-word posts or short phrases can be summed up by simply using the like button. Cluttering threads with unnecessary comments could clutter threads and make them more difficult to navigate. Before posting, ask yourself, “does my post contribute to the thread?”


While it's true that some users here are not native English speakers, making an attempt is all we ask for. Make sure your post is comprehensive and try to avoid using chat-speak. “u r a cool guy u no that?” is an example of how to avoid posting. “You are a cool guy, you know that?” is grammatically correct and much easier to understand. Help the community by taking the time to use proper spelling and grammar.

Sexual Comments

One type of discussion that is very common at Shotachan is ‘sexually-driven discussion’. Even if you may be aroused, leaving crude and lewd comments is generally unadvised due to some members being here for the artwork. “This is making my dick so fucking hard, I'd fuck the shit out of him” is crude and unnecessary. “What a beautiful shota, I love his body.” is much more censored and easier to read for people who aren't extremely lusty. Use your own discretion when posting sexual remarks.

Sexualizing Children

Let's get one thing straight. Shota are not real boys. When you begin to cross the line between shota and real life, it puts the site in jeopardy as well as your account. This goes hand-in-hand with the above post. Don't discuss what you'd do to someone if they were a child. Don't blur the line between fiction and reality. Boys are boys; growing, maturing, and unable to consent. Discussing the sexual things you would do to them is beyond disturbing. Shota is shota. Referring to a real boy as a shota is not a loophole and something we see often.If you enjoy this community and want to remain a part of it, keep your sexual desires with children in your head and make sure that they stay as fantasy.

Making a New Thread

Before making a new thread, use the magnifying glass icon in the top right it any particular on the forum and search for what you're about to post. It may already exist, and creating duplicate threads just causes confusion and headaches for members and staff alike. We try to minimize on reposts as much as we can, even though we know sometimes it's inevitable.

Hateful Posts and Comments

Naturally, drama and flaming are against the rules. However, there are times when you can get close to flaming or unintentionally flame without trying to do so. First off, flaming is when you say something offensive with the intent to hurt the user emotionally or mentally. It's a type of verbal abuse, which most communities don't tolerate. If an artist gives you permission to give them criticism, give them helpful advice in a polite way. Manners will get you a long way, and depending how you word a post, you could make or break someone's day. Never tell people that their contributions are bad or unwelcome, chances are we'll see it as flaming and you will get warned or banned depending on the severity. If you are too worked up, take a step away from the computer and compose yourself before posting something you may regret.

Reporting System

Under every post will be an option to report posts due to breach of the rules. Although our staff are active and catch most things quickly, sometimes we may miss something and need help from the community. Make sure to report and include why the content should be removed. Note that we highly discourage abusing the report system, but also promote using it. If you're on the fence about a post, let us decide what should be done. One report from you will be enough to catch our attention.

Staff Respect

Our mods put a lot of effort into not only keeping the site safe from legal troubles and drama, but from you getting yourself into trouble. We always have the community in mind when making a decision; sometimes moderators and administrators make mistakes. When that time comes, message them privately and bring the issue to their attention in a respectful manner. In the same vein, disputing a warning or ban in public is very much frowned upon. Your post will most likely be removed, and your punishment worsened. Be polite to our staff, understand that they are doing what is best for the community and users as a whole.


Just act human in our community. We are a family, a group of individuals that share a common interest. The staff here loves you just as much as you love shota, and we all want to work together to make this community grow and become tight-nit. Problems will occur, changes will happen, but we know that if you follow this basic guide for etiquette, you should fit in fine.


The Shotachan Team

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    Oct 19, 2018
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