Bad Neverland: The 'Royal Black Dragon Sex Club' Needs Your Help!

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Butt Bux
Hikari Aladdin Yugo
Bad Neverland the hot sexy text adventure game is back with a big gay experiment and we need your help! The nightclub in the city has gone bankrupt, and there's a mysterious new dragon in town who has bought it up to turn into his own shota sex palace! This guy is a dirty dealer, he is up to no good, and he wants YOU to help!

Our dragon is looking for writers to fill his slutty den of mischief full of all gay shota sex! Both human and furry is allowed, and he needs everything from prostitutes and nightclub sex to sauna scenes, more prostitutes, blow jobs, glory holes, prostitutes, Jacuzzi sex, anonymous sex, BDSM, and prostitutes. And he won't take no for an answer! Not only that, but he wants whatever else your naughty mind can come up with to fill every corner of his club with sex!
So, who's ready to help out the baddest new dragon in town? :llama-awesome:

If you want to submit scenes with characters younger that 14, please PM them to me rather than to our dragon friend.

Royal Black Dragon Sex Club Shota Submissions (Shota, vore, feral, and so on.
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