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Butt Bux
Aoto Konta Hasuta Len
I perfectly understand your decision to stop the story, although it saddens me. I've drifted away from writing myself this last month or so, and to be honest, I only visit this site now every couple of days and only for two reasons - to see if someone has commented on one of my stories, and to see if you've posted a new part to this story. I do hope to read more from you in the future. You're an engaging storyteller who's writing style is right up my alley, not committing any of the usual writing sins that keep me from enjoying a story. In fact, you so inspired me with this departure from the usual fare found here that I began a sci-fi story, and while I haven't gotten very far with it, I think it has potential. Perhaps I'll post the first bit of it to get a bit of feedback.


Butt Bux
Chapter 1.

The sun shown brightly overhead as my eyes fluttered open, the scent of tree pine and maple wafting on the pleasantly cool breeze. I stared at the few lazy clouds above and wondered how long I had slept. Stretching casually, I sat up only to raise an eyebrow at my surroundings. I was in a mountain glen, a smattering of trees around me while sharp crags and sheer cliffs were visible behind the tree-line on three sides. I was sitting on a stone slab, the ground underneath and around it traced with exotic and otherworldly ruins.

"What the..." I mumbled, standing. My clothes, I realized, were not my own. Instead of jeans and a tee shirt, I was wearing a pair of very silky purple short-shorts, a lavender wife-beater that ended above my belly button, and a pair of leather sandals. I looked ridiculous.

"What am I wearing?" Tyler's incredulous voice echoed next to me and I glanced over. The boy was just standing up from his own slab of stone and my eyes almost fell out of my head at the sight. Tyler was clad in a tiny leather g-string and a pair of long leather boots that almost reached his knees. Nothing else. "I'm almost naked!"

And he was. The little pouch that held his boy bits was miniscule and left practically nothing to the imagination. Then the boy spun around and I saw, for a brief moment, that the leather straps that kept the garment in place truly resembled a g-string in that it's back strap was nestled deeply in his preteen butt crack while the leather top strap hugged the top of his cute boyish bottom.

I felt arousal flood me.

"Um... I don't know," I said, turning away from the boy and glancing about. On my stone was a small backpack and a long wooden staff, the thick wooden pole capped with a small leather-bound tome. Picking the staff up, I felt a small rush of energy enter my body. Odd. Flipping the book open, I saw most of the pages were blank. One at the beginning held words, though I didn't read them.

"WHOA!" hooted Tyler, my eyes leaving the tome and finding my pint-sized partner standing on his stone slab with a huge two-handed battle axe hefted above his head. The thing was almost the size of the kid and it's grey steel glinted in the sun.

"Tyler!" I shouted. "Be careful!"

"Duh!" he said in response, his eyes not leaving the ax as he began to jump about, swinging and swiping the thing at imaginary enemies.

Turning back to the tome, I flipped to the front and saw that the very first page had a simple text that was easy to read. Scanning it, my eyes widened.

"Ian and Tyler. We are so very sorry. As you played your game, a small airplane just taking off from the airport nearby was hit by lightening and crashed into the Kennedy home. All on board survived. You both were killed instantly. Feeling a great sorrow for your lost potential, several Divines expressed our objection to your untimely end and it was determined, after great debate, that you two would find yourselves here, in the land of Aurora, to live out the rest of your days. It is small comfort, we know, but Fate, Destiny, Goodness, Mercy, Lust, Time, Charity, Perversion, and I, Mirth, agreed that this new home would be the best place for you to thrive. Your loved ones miss you but will find peace. May you find peace in this new home. Go forth, thrive, and think not on your past lives but on the life you now may live."

I stared at the page, digesting the word. "Tyler, we need to talk."


"So what do we do?" Tyler asked, his usually boisterous personality subdued as we talked over this mysterious turn of events.

"I don't know. It might be a lie but... well... I just have this weird feeling that it might be the truth."

"Me too. It's like I want it to be a lie but I know I'm not, like, back home or whatever. Plus it disappeared..."

I nodded. We had been discussing this revelation for nearly half an hour, reading and re-reading the first page over and over again. Then, after shutting the book for a few moments while we bounced around other possibilities, like a covert spy operation or a matrix-style dream world, we opened the book to find that the first page no longer held the mysterious message. Instead, it held Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken." It was a shock, of course, and we danced around for several minutes trying to figure out how the writing had changed or if the page had fallen out or something. Then we settled back down, read the poem (which I had read in high school and last semester in my English Lit 102 but which Tyler had never read), and pondered the words.

"Well I guess we should get up and start walking." I said finally, my eyes noticing that there was a worn dirt path the led down the slope and through some trees. Tyler shrugged, not offering a counter suggestion. The boy grabbed the axe and his own small backpack while I hefted my staff and pack. Then off we went. Five minutes later, we found ourselves out of sight of the small cairn where we had awoken.

We were clearly in the mountains; the path meandering steadily downward as we caught glimpses of beautiful vistas between the nearby cliffs and the various large evergreen pines. We continued to discuss our new situation and I covertly tried to perv on my little companion as much as I could without being too obvious. I had to keep looking away, of course, because I could feel my erection starting to grow if my gaze lingered too long on his smooth creamy flesh. His hairless pubic mound was just so visible and, even as we walked, the small amount of fabric covering his boyhood seemed unusually tented. Soon, we rounded a bend and found a small wooden hut sitting peacefully along the road. Standing in front was an older man, his hand up to his face as he scanned the woods. Spotting us, he waived. "Good morning strangers! I hope your day is pleasant!"

We stopped in front of the man, smiling. "It is. Thank you." I gave him a small bow. "Um... Sir, can you tell me where we are?"

"Of course!" he said cheerfully. "You are in the Sleepy Vale. Keep heading down this road and you'll reach Peaceford. It's a small village just down the way." The man smiled, glancing between the two of us. If he was concerned with how we were dressed, he didn't show it. "Say, are you two Heroes?"

Tyler and I glanced at each other. "Heroes?" I asked, unsure what he was talking about.

"Yes. Heroes. By the looks of you, I'd say you are a wizard and you," he said, glancing at Tyler, "are a barbarian. Am I right?"

Tyler and I turned to face each other, our mouths both agape. All of a sudden, this whole thing seemed rather familiar. Wizard? Barbarian? It couldn't be...

The man continued, "Do you think you could do me a favor? There are some Scraggly Foxes that have been sneaking into my chicken coop at night and I'd like to put a stop to it. If you two could kill 5 of those damn creatures, I'd be really grateful. I'd even give you a reward!"

Holy. Shit.

"Ah..." I said dumbly.

"Sure!" said Tyler, turning to the man. "What do we do?"

"Well," the man pondered, "if you go that way," he pointed to the woods, "I'm sure you will run across some of those Scraggly Foxes. Just kill five and come back."


"I'm not sure this is a good idea," I said to Tyler as we crouched behind a few bushes and watched as a fox the size of a St. Bernard wandered aimlessly around the small clearing in front of us.

"Why not?" Tyler asked.

"Well... I mean..."

Tyler chuckled. "Don't be such a baby, Ian. Come on, lets just go over there and kill it."

"Well, its more complicated than that. What if the thing bites us? What if it has rabies?"

"It doesn't have rabies. Just go thump it with your staff. I bet it's easy."

"I don't know."

"If you don't, I will."

"Tyler! I don't want you to get hurt."

"Then go!"


"Come on..."

"Fine." I stood, gripped the staff, and walked into the clearing. The fox didn't seem to pay me much attention, so I crept closer and closer until I was about five feet from it. Then, the animal turned its beady eyes to me and growled. Nervous, I gripped the staff with both hands. Wait... Hadn't the guy said I was a wizard? Maybe I had spells or something?

Too late. The fox lunged, it's claw raking across my exposed knee for a brief instant and causing me to squeak with pain. Not a lot of pain, though. In fact, far less than I would have expected. Seizing the opportunity, I swung my staff and the end, where the closed book was encased in the wood, smashed the creature right in the head. The creature squealed much louder than I and lunched forward again, biting my shin for a moment before backing up. "Ouch!" I yelped, the slight shot of pain making me angry. "You stupid little fucker!" I shouted as I whacked it in the head again. This time, the creature let out a short bark of injury before falling over dead.

I'd killed it! Turning, I looked to where Tyler was supposed to be and gulped in surprise. Two more Scraggly Foxes blocked my path and appeared hostile, their hair bristling and their growling low but audible. I took a step back, raising my staff for protection. This was not good!

Suddenly, Tyler burst forth from the bushes and roared with rage. Jumping between the two startled foxes, Tyler swung his large axe and connected solidly with the first fox, lopping off it's head in one quick blow before spinning and slamming the sharp weapon into the spine of the other fox. It died without a sound and Tyler grinned at me. "That's how you do it Ian! Ha!" Then he began to dance around, his tongue sticking out as he re-lived the battle in his preteen mind.

Holy. Shit.


We found two more foxes and Tyler dispatched them with ease, not taking a single wound. My shin and knee felt fine after the initial injury and, after closely examining them after the fight, I couldn't tell if I had been injured. On the way back to the hut, we discovered, to our surprise, that one small brown metallic coin had appeared in a small coin purse in my backpack while four small metallic coins of the same type had appeared in an identical coin purse in Tyler's backpack. My backpack also contained a small sharp claw while Tyler's contained four.

I found myself battling an erection for much of the walk back. My little companion kept drawing my eye and I especially loved it when he would dash forward to examine something in our path. When that occurred, I was treated to the gorgeous sight of his smooth bottom and silky flesh. Twice, he bent down to pick something off the ground and I watched as his luscious cheeks parted slightly to expose a tiny pink starfish slightly hidden by the g-string strap. I had to bite my tongue to keep from groaning.

I also thought I saw Tyler's eyes examine my own crotch when he didn't think I was looking. They were fleeting glances, for sure, and probably meant nothing. Still, I had the feeling that the boy was trying to take small peaks at the visible chub between my legs. I didn't raise the issue.

"How did it go, my friends?" The same man said to us as we approached his hut. "I trust you both found success?"

"I did!" Tyler said excitedly, giving me a wicked grin. "Ian didn't have much luck. Almost got eaten by one fox! Me, I was like 'Slash Bam Cut' and they were like 'Ah Tyler No' and I totally crushed them!" Tyler jumped around for a moment, demonstrating the fight for the... quest giver? Both the man and I laughed at his antics.

"You didn't cast any spells?" the man asked me.

"I don't know any," I responded. Indeed, after the fight, I had looked in the book on my staff but the only thing it contained was the poem.

"I can rectify that!" the man said, pulling out a small piece of paper. "Here! Read this!"

I did but, after reading the short phrase, the page dissolved into nothing. "Hey!" I said, confused.

"Check your spell book, doofus!" Tyler said, laughing as I glared at him. Flipping through the book, I discovered that the second page had changed into a spell entry. Entitled FIRE SPARK, the entry detailed how to go about casting this offensive damage-dealing ranged spell.

"That spell, FIRE SPARK, is a first level fire spell and you should now be able to cast it at any enemy. Just don't drain all your mana!" The man told me with confidence.

"Hey! What about me?" said Tyler, pouting.


"So this feels kinda familiar..." Tyler said slowly as we wandered through the forest, looking for the Scraggly Fox Den Mother that the man had asked us to dispatch. "Did... did we do this quest in Land of Heroes?"

"No. We didn't. There is no Peaceford in Land of Heroes and the world there is called Maeroon."


"Yeah, I know. Even though this is not Land of Heroes, it does feel like we are in a starting zone quest chain. Kill 5 foxes? Then kill the den mother? Certainly the kind of thing you'd find in an MMORPG."

"Well that's not really a bad thing, is it?"

"What do you mean?" I asked, puzzled.

"I mean, you know all about Land of Heroes. So, if we are really... here..." The boy began to tear up for a moment and I put my arm around his shoulder, the emotion swelling up within me as well. "Then you can probably make sure we are ok. Right?" He looked up at me, then, his eyes shining from unspent tears.

"I... I think so." I said lamely, not quite believing it.

We kept walking, my arm around his shoulder as he leaned into me slightly for comfort. We died? We were never going home? The shock of these revelations, if they were indeed true, was nearly overwhelming. When we left the cairn, we did so without fully believing the message in the book. Now that much of the day had passed, and we had not awoken from this strange dream, the reality of what we faced was finally sinking in.

Realizing that Tyler had started to cry softly, I stopped our slow walk and turned the boy to look at me. Kneeling in the grass, I put my hands on either side of his face and our eyes met. "Tyler." I said, not really knowing where I was going but sure as hell certain I would speak from the heart. "I am here with you. I'm not going to leave you. Whatever happens, we are in this together. And... and if there is a way home, we are going to find it. Ok?"

The boy trembled for a bit before sliding forward into my open arms and burying his head in my neck, his tears flowing freely. As my arms encircled his bare flesh, I felt nothing but a desire to protect the boy fill me with determination.


The Scraggly Fox Den Mother, as big as a black bear, ambled along the bank of the shallow river without an apparent care in the world. Tyler and I, hidden behind a long copse of trees, had been following it for nearly half an hour and the sun had begun to dip into the tree line. We had no idea what we should do.

On one hand, Tyler had been able to kill the other foxes with little effort and, if we were indeed in a sort of real-life MMORPG, this creature should not be too difficult to defeat. On the other hand, fuck that shit. I had no idea what the rules in this world were and I did not want to put Tyler's life, or my own, in danger because I treated the world around me as a video game.

Tyler had calmed down considerably and was back to his jovial mood, pestering me to charge the beast with him and down it quick. I overruled his eagerness, though, with repeated words of caution. Even his attempts to bully me into action failed. I was not going to rush into a situation where one or both of us could get seriously hurt.

Then, without looking, I stepped on a dry branch and the glade we were hiding in was filled with a loud crack that seemed to echo in every direction like a bull horn.

"Nice." Tyler said with a grin. I winced.

The Den Mother, of course, had immediately looked in our direction and, if I was being honest with myself, could probably see me and the boy with just about perfect clarity. We were... not hidden all that well, truth be told.

"Maybe we should back away slowly," I said.

"Or maybe we should get ready," Tyler countered as the big creature began to amble, then sprint, then charge toward us.

"Oh fuck!"

"You said a bad word!" Tyler taunted with amusement as he danced back into the meadow and readied his large axe. The Den Mother would be upon us in moments.

Desperate, I pointed my staff at the rampaging beast and shouted FIRE SPARK as loudly as I could. To be honest, I didn't expect it to do any good. To my great shock, a small ball of fire accumulated at the tip of my staff the very moment the words left my mouth and, once it was about the size of an apple, it burst forward as if shot from a cannon. My aim was apparently true as the ball closed the distance between the beast and I in the blink of an eye and smashed into the huge fox's face. The beast gave a squeal of pain and stumbled slightly, losing momentum and coordination as it erupted from the foliage and into the grass where Tyler and I stood.

I dove aside, closer to the beast than Tyler was and afraid that it's bulk would run me over. As I stood and readied myself, I caught sight of Tyler jumping towards the angry creature and swinging his axe at it's exposed neck. The beast turned, it's shoulder taking most of the hit while it swiped out with one paw at the nearly nude boy challenging it. Tyler took what looked like a wicked slash across his chest and spun away.

"FIRE SPARK" I shouted, another ball of flame smashing into our enemy's flank. The beast spun at me, lunging forward as if to bite. Tyler rose behind it, though, and his axe flashed in the waning sunlight and scored a solid hit on the animal's hip. The creature kicked at him with it's back leg but the boy dodged to the side, the axe again biting into furry flesh. "FIRE SPARK" I yelled again, the cast spell missing the beast slightly as my aim was off. I felt... something... leave me with that cast and I knew that I only had one, maybe two more spells left before I would... be out of mana? The realization that I could feel my mana pool froze me for a moment and the beast's dagger sharp teeth sunk into my left forearm.

I howled with the expected pain but realized a heartbeat later that, while my arm hurt, it did not hurt that bad. The creature released me and turned back to swipe at Tyler while I stared dumbly at my own flesh. There was a slight amount of blood, certainly, and a few small puncture wounds, but the damage was exponentially less than it should have been.

"AHHHH!!!!" Tyler roared. I looked up, seeing the creature slumped to the ground. Tyler had apparently killed the monster in my moment of distraction. "Did you see that? Did you Ian?" The boy shouted at me in triumph, giggling with exuberance.


"Hello again friends!" said our quest giver as we approached. Night had fallen by the time we got back to his hut but, as it was the only place to find shelter that I knew of, it seemed that we would be better served by trying to make it back to him than spend the night in the forest. As before, the man stood outside as if anticipating our arrival. This time, however, the man clearly had an erection as his linen pants were tented obscenely. It was difficult to tell in the darkness, however, and I didn't think that Tyler noticed.

"Hello." I responded, my voice filled with weariness and just a hint of amazement at the man's immodesty. My injuries, as well as the claw mark across Tyler's torso, had totally disappeared only a few moments after the battle but the energy we had expended in the fight made both of us rather tired and I chose not to think on his behavior. It had been a long day, after all, and I was beat.

"Well, how did it go? Is the Den Mother dead?"

"Heck yeah," quipped Tyler before I could say anything. I opened my mouth to confirm the statement but was suddenly overcome with a very strange sensation. My body tingled.

Out of nowhere, a bright light flashed around Tyler and I for a moment, filling the darkness and causing both of us to jump in shock. Then, as my eyes reacclimated to the darkness, I gasped in amazement. My vision had... changed slightly. I still saw everything in front of me clearly but there appeared to be a sort of hazy overlay of information floating right in front of my eyeballs. It read: [Class: Wizard, Level: 2, Experience 12/125, Health: 12/12, Mana: 22/22]

"What the heck?" Tyler mumbled, his hand suddenly in front of his face and waving as if trying to shoo away some annoying gnat. "Ian, do you see this?"

"I think," I said cautiously, "that we both see something."

"You both leveled up," the man interjected. Tyler and I immediately focused our attention on him. "It's pretty common around here. You went from level 1 to level 2; truly becoming heroes."

"We... leveled up?" I asked skeptically.

"Yeah. You did." The man whistled and a horse suddenly trotted around his little hut, a carriage attached to it. "Hop on in. I'm going to take you to Peaceford so you have a place to spend the night. I can also tell you a bit about leveling up."

Tyler and I glanced at each other and shrugged. Stepping up to the carriage, I helped hoist the boy to the seat before stepping up myself. Before I knew it, we were making our way down the road at a respectable speed.

"Oh, and by the way, each of you gets one silver piece for killing the Den Mother. Thanks for that!"

We both checked our packs and discovered that we had indeed increased our funds. Though I never saw the man do anything, it appeared that we had indeed been rewarded for completing that quest. Counting quickly, I had one silver and one copper. Tyler had one silver and four copper. It was a start.

"So what's this about leveling up?" I asked.

"Well, moving from level 1 to level 2 gives each of you the ability to review your statistics. You probably see some numbers in front of your face?"

"Yep," Tyler piped in. "There are numbers and words. Barbarian level 2. Experience 12 out of 125. Health 23 out of 23."

"That sounds about right," our chauffeur said, cocking his head to the side as he pondered Tyler's words. "And you, good wizard, probably have a mana statistic as well, right?" I nodded. "If you want to stop seeing the numbers, all you need to do is think about them going away and they will. Being able to see them was the talent you gained by leveling to 2."

I focused on the data for a moment and did as I was instructed, thinking about the words and numbers disappearing. Almost instantly, they were gone and my eyesight was back to normal. A grunt from Tyler suggested he had achieved success as well.

"As you level, you will gain new abilities. I think I heard somewhere that level 3 lets you see your actual statistics for things like Combat, Magic, and Social. There was a wondering minstrel who once said he knew people who had become level 5 and that they could see their damage resistance, spell resistance, and other even more esoteric statistics. Leveling also increases your health, and mana, damage, and all that good stuff. You become more powerful."

"That makes sense," I said.

"And here we are!" the man grinned at me and I looked around. We were on the outskirts of a very small village. Only five buildings were visible, with one having a sign hanging out front. It ready, "The Sleepy Maid," and had a picture of a woman lying in a bed of beer foam which was spilling out of a large tankard of ale. "Go inside and tell Gus you are adventurers. He'll almost certainly have a room for you at a good price."

"And then what?" asked Tyler.

"Then look around Peaceford in the morning. Plenty of quests, I'm sure." Tyler and I stepped from the wagon, with the horse beginning to move the moment our feet touched the soft road. "And good luck!" Tyler and I watched as the man and horse traveled back the way we had come. We lost sight of him soon, though not before it looked to me like his hand had been thrust suspiciously into his pants. Whatever.

Shrugging at each other, the preteen boy and I entered the inn to find it filled with the aromatic smells of roasted meat and somewhat stale beer. A man stood behind the bar, polishing a wooden mug and chatting amicably with one of the few patrons eating dinner. When he saw us, he smiled and waved us over.

"Gus is the name! The Sleepy Maid is my establishment. Welcome. Salutations. Peace be upon you." The man bowed slightly, his loud voice theatrical in its diction and presentation.

"Um... hi" I said. "The... um... we met a man not far from town who told us to tell you we are adventurers. He said..."

"Adventurers! Great! I have a room available for six copper a night. Dinner and breakfast included. It's yours if you want it; I love welcoming heroes into the Sleepy Maid!"

With a price that sounded somewhat reasonable, I pulled out the silver that was in my bag and Gus quickly replaced it with four coppers from underneath the bar. Gesturing to two of the bar stools, Tyler and I stowed our things under the bar and took our seats. Within a matter of moments, two plates piled high with roasted meat, fried potatoes, dark bread with butter, a wedge of cheese, and some sort of boiled green vegetable were delivered in front of us. He also delivered two tankards of watery beer and a pot of still boiling tea.

It was at that moment that both my stomach and Tyler's stomach gave loud growls of eagerness and I realized how famished I was. Tyler and I dug in, with me initially insisting that he stick only to the tea but the boy convincing me that the beer wouldn't have been placed in front of him if there were any drinking age limitation. Deciding it didn't really matter, as the beverage was pretty weak, I gave in and let the boy have his beer. The meal was wonderful; though part of my appreciation of it might have been due to how hungry I was.

Once we finished eating, Gus pointed us up the stairs and told us that our room was the third door on the right. Grabbing our things, Tyler and I trudged up the wooden staircase and soon found ourselves in a small room with a queen-sized bed. Realizing we both needed to use the restroom, we trudged back downstairs, inquired with Gus, and were directed out back to the relatively well-kept outhouse. The well next to the outhouse let us wash up slightly before the two of us trudged back upstairs, fell onto our bed, and were asleep within moments.
I like it so far. Thanks keep it up.


Butt Bux
Chapter 3

We made it into the village well before sundown. The walk back was easy, with neither
of the boys saying anything and the man chattering on about the types of trees, the
local hunting prospects, and the weather. The man and his wife were very grateful for
what we had done, and they rewarded us with a silver each once we got to their home.
The moment they did, a bright flash of light filled the area and Tyler and I leveled up.
After saying our farewells, I quickly hustled Tyler back to The Sleepy Maid so that he
and I could talk. After paying Gus the 6 coppers for the night, we found ourselves in the
room we had shared the previous evening.

"Tyler," I said, "We need to talk." I spent the next fifteen minutes explaining to him
why I had spanked him, telling him how scared I was that something bad could happen
to him and how panicked I was when he rounded the cave wall and left my sight. He
took my dressing down in stride, apologizing for his recklessness, and saying that he
understood that his actions were unfair to me. He thanked me for watching out for him
and admitted that he deserved to be spanked. After eliciting a promise from him that he
would be more careful and would obey when safety was at stake, we shared a hug and
let the matter lie.

I did notice, though, that as Tyler had talked about being spanked, the small leather
pouch covering his boyhood began to tent. Interesting.

It turned out that we did quite well with the quest. Loot wise, we split the twenty-four
coppers we collected after the first fight as well as the three rusty daggers and two
rusty short swords. He kept the bag of marbles. I kept the small wizard's hat. He kept
the wool cloak, much to my disappointment. He also put on the leather bracers, as they
were his size. I eagerly took the ICE SHARD spell scroll and, after reading it, it
disappeared and was added to my spell book. Though it cost less mana to cast and
slowed down the enemy it hit, it did less damage than the FIRE SPARK spell.

We both checked our stats and saw that we had, indeed, leveled up. The wizard's hat
increased my defense statistic, which was now visible, and both the cloak and bracers
increased Tyler's defense. We played with it for a bit and saw that stat rise and lower
depending on if we were wearing those particular pieces of gear. It was quite

We left the room, then, and headed down to the bar. Gus waved us over when he saw
us. "Are either of you interested in bathing," he said? We both said we were, as we had
gone two days without showering and both of us felt rather grimy. Gus showed us to a
small building attached to his inn that served as a bathing room.

It was surprising spacious, with a huge pot suspended over the firepit in the center.
Gus showed us that the pot contained warm water and that the tiled floor was sloped in
such a way as to collect any excess water that had been spilled and channel it outside.
He handed us the ladle, told us dinner was to be served when we were done, and
wished us good bathing.

After he left, Tyler and I stood staring at each other, unsure of the next step. There
were no privacy walls or anything. The place reminded me of a large sauna, truth be
told, and the air was thick with moisture and heat. "So, now what?" asked Tyler.

The door opened, then, and two men and two boys entered. One boy, a blonde, was
probably nine or ten. The brunette was probably thirteen or fourteen. They nodded to
us and, when the door was closed, began to disrobe, placing their clothing on the racks
that lined the room. Tyler and I stood off to the side. "Your first time in a bathing
room?" asked one of the men, a barrel-chested guy of about fifty.

"Um... Yeah. We... didn't have anything like this where we came from." I shrugged.

"That's fair," the other man, who was perhaps thirty, said. "Different places have
different customs."

"Course you can't get clean if you don't get naked," the blonde boy added as he
dropped his shorts. I starred at the kid, his smooth hairless body stirring indecent
thoughts in my head. His cock, which was adorably hairless and hard, bounced as he
walked over to the firepit. The other boy followed, his own erection leading the way.
The two men, unconcerned with their own nudity, followed suit. Both were erect as well.
Neither seemed to mind.

"Come on friends. Strip down," the older man said, glancing to us. "You don't have
nothing we haven't seen ourselves." Taking the ladle, the man lifted a large scoop of
water and poured it directly on the younger boy's head. The boy, apparently enjoying
the water, began to use his hands to scrub his face, shoulders, underarms, and chest.
The man poured water onto the other boy, the other man, and then himself. Then the
four of them began to seriously scrub their bodies.

Tyler and I looked at each other and my little companion grinned. Folding the cloak he
was wearing and placing it on a rack, the rapidly slipped out of his boots and, before I
could say anything, dropped his little loin cloth to the floor. For the first time, I was able
to see his entire body in the nude.

Though I had been perving on the kid for the last two days, this turn of events gave me
the biggest thrill of my life. The other boys were cute, of course. The lad who had been
having sex with the goblins was hot, for sure. Tyler was... indescribable. My dream
come true. Lithe and muscular, the removal of his clothing increased his sexiness
exponentially and I couldn't help but stare. My eyes, of course, zero'd in on his hard
and hairless little member.

He coughed, suggestively. Blinking, I realized that he, and the other four, were staring
at me. "Sorry," I said, blushing. "Zoned out there." I quickly disrobed, my own body
apparently capturing Tyler's attention. I was rock hard, of course, but Tyler only
smirked at me when our eyes met. It was an innocent smirk, I thought to myself, and
not a suggestive one. Almost like he knew I was uncomfortable in my nudity and he
found that humorous. We walked over to the others.

Soon, water was poured over each of our heads. Then, after we had mimicked the
others, bars of soap were passed around from a bucket off to the side. Several stools
were pulled out and we each took a seat, using the soap to lather our feet, legs,
crotches, bellies, chests, shoulders, arms, and armpits.

"Jamin, how about if Marik, Tas, and I go first? Then you and our two new friends can
go?" The older man directed the question to the other man.

"Sounds good." The other man gave him a nod.

The older man stood, then, as did the two boys. The older man then grabbed his stool,
picked it up, and moved it directly behind Tyler. Sitting it down behind the boy, the
older man settled himself so he was facing Tyler's back. The small blonde did the same,
settling behind the other man whose name was apparently Jamin. The brunette teen
settled behind me. Suddenly, warm and sudsy hands began to lather up my neck and
shoulders, the teen boy behind me kneading my muscles and causing me to groan in

"Ahhh." Mumbled Jamin, the boy behind him working his neck and shoulders as well.

"Oh! Ohhhh. That's nice." Said Tyler suddenly, my eyes glancing at him and seeing that
the older man was soaping up Tyler's shoulders and back. Apparently, mutual washing
was part of the routine. For several minutes, the older man, the teenage boy, and the
preteen soaped up Jamin, Tyler, and me. Part of me was jealous of the older man for
being able to touch Tyler in such an intimate way. Most of me, however, was focused
on the wonderful feeling that the teenage boy behind me was giving my body.

At their nudging, we were forced to stand at some point and deft fingers soaped up our
lower backs, out butt cheeks and...

"Whoa" I said as the boy behind me used his hand to wipe up and down my asscrack,
his fingers grazing ever so slightly over my puckered hole.

The man getting the same treatment didn't say anything, but Tyler gave a low squeal
as the older man vigorously cleaned between the boy's butt cheeks. There was a very
small part of me that wanted to object; to stop the man who was using his fingers to
clean Tyler's most intimate region. Tyler, however, was not objecting and the time to
say something past rather quickly as the three of us were directed to sit only a few
moments after we were told to stand.

Then, the hands that had been washing me snaked around my body and did something
I was not expecting. One grabbed my balls and began to rub them. The other grasped
my straining cock and began to stroke. "Oh! Fuck! Hey!" I nearly shouted, grabbing the
naughty appendages, and stopping them.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" Sang Tyler and my head turned, my eyes growing wide with absolute
shock. Like the boy behind me, the man had one hand snaked around Tyler and was
busily rubbing the child's smooth sack. The other hand, also wrapped around the boy,
was busily diddling his twitching boycock. A grunt from the other side of me had me
turning, seeing that the small blonde was also masturbating the other man's cock in
similar fashion.

My momentary lapse in concentration allowed the boy behind me to begin again and
hot feelings of pleasure suddenly surged up my spine. His deft hand tickling my balls
while the other hand slid up and down my member, swirling around the tip and causing
me to grunt in enjoyment. I opened my mouth to say something but the words froze in
my throat.

"So," the man playing with Tyler asked. "Are you enjoying your first time in the bathing

Tyler purred. "Oh yeah. Keep going."

"And you?" The man asked me.

"I... Ah... Yeah..." I said, the boy behind me expertly jerking me off. I could feel my
climax rising, the hotness of this whole situation and the fact that I was watching some
stranger pleasure Tyler increasing my arousal by leaps and bounds.

"Uh! Yeah!" grunted the other man and I swiveled my head, seeing blasts of cum erupt
from the man's throbbing member as the small boy's hand flew up and down it with
incredible speed.

"It's happening! Oh! Faster!" squealed Tyler, my eyes darting back as the boy began to
twitch uncontrollably while the man increased his speed to a frenzied pace. His hand
blurred along Tyler's spasming boycock and the boy let out a loud gasp, his eyes closing
tightly as he dryly climaxed. That did it for me, of course, and I grunted loudly as my
own cock, for the second time that day, launched a thick load. This time, however, it
was at the behest of a teenage boy whose ministrations were exact, aggressive, and

The three of us finished our respective climaxes moments later. Heavy panting and
exultations of "that was great" and "wow" filled the room for a minute or two before
the three of us stood up and our masturbators took our seat. It was obvious what we
were supposed to do.

Taking the newly vacated seats, we took up our soaps and began to lather up our
partners. I didn't pay too much attention to Tyler, then, as I was busy running my
hands up, down, sideways, and around the teen seated before me. I played with his
nipples, I rubbed my hands under his arms, I soaped up his back, and I massaged the
hell out of his shoulders. I heard Tyler giggling the whole time, though, and glances in
his direction showed he was having as much fun as I was soaping up his adult partner.
Then, when the three stood, my eager fingers attacked the crack of the boy in front of
me. He moaned when I ran my finders along his little shitter and, to my surprise, the
little hole seemed to open up as my fingers grazed it's eager lips. Before I could do
much, though, the boy sat back down and turned to look at me.

"I'm so horny, sir. Please, take care of me." And I did. My hands found his heavy
teenage sack and began to caress it. His pole, which was probably five inches or so,
absolutely vibrated with need when I finally grabbed it and began to stroke. The soap
created an almost frictionless grip and I soon found myself rapidly abusing his teenage
member, the boy grunting and groaning as I brought him closer and closer to the edge.

A quick glance showed that Tyler was still enthusiastic, his small hand flying up and
down the adult cock he was tasked with pleasuring. I even saw the boy swirl his hand
along the man's cockhead, drawing a gasp of enjoyment from his adult partner. Tyler,
apparently, had some tricks.

A low-pitched wail began to rise up on the other side of me and turned to see how the
small blonde was faring. When my eyes saw the spectacle, I stopped stroking the teen
for a second; absolutely overcome with shock. The boy was still standing, though he
was facing the adult in front of him. The stool had been moved and the adult and child
were pressed tightly together. The boy's little cock was nowhere to be seen, the man's
mouth having swallowed it as the man aggressively suckled the tiny tool. The man's
hand was behind the boy, pressed up between the boy's cheeks. My eyes widened even
further as I saw the hand shift position and I realized that the man's middle finger was
knuckled deep in the lad's shitter. The boy was bounding on his toes as his squealing

The teen grabbed my hands and began to move them up and down, making me
realizing I was neglecting my obligation. I rapidly began to jerk the teen off, my eyes
never leaving the sight of the blonde boy getting blown and fingered at the same time.

"Little Tas is quite the spitfire," the older man said through a moan, "especially when
Jamin plays him like a fiddle. Jamin is great at pounding a love button with his finger."

I nodded, dumbly, as I continued to watch. Suddenly, I felt a hot stickiness burst from
my own hand as the teen I was pleasuring came. I redoubled my efforts, making sure
the kid enjoyed himself. The older man let out a grunt, then, and said "I'm cumming
boy. Keep going!" I turned to see that his own erection was launching it's seed into the
air as Tyler furiously frisked the flesh, the man having a look of ecstasy on his face
while Tyler's face was filled with enthusiasm for the task. I stared hard at Tyler, then,
to see if he was aware of the blond boy and Jamin. He wasn't paying any attention to
the debauchery nearby, though, and I could tell his sole focus was on the toy between
his partner's legs.

The man, whose climax had begun to subside by this point, caught my eye and nodded
to the blonde. "Tas is about to pop. Take a look."

I did and was treated to the sight of the small boy's entire body twitching uncontrollably
as Jamin used his free hand to keep the boy upright though the kid's massive boygasm.
"It's dry," the older man said, "but intense for Tas. Sometimes the kid even blacks out
from the pleasure. You know how boys are when their love buttons are abused, huh?" I
didn't know what to say as I watched the kid shudder and shake through the most
powerful climax I'd ever witnessed.

Suddenly, I felt my own body initiate orgasm and I grabbed my convulsing cock and
began to jack off furiously, using the teen's own spunk in my pursuit. I climaxed,
several hot spurts smacking the teen in the back as my eyes never left the little
blonde's trembling form.

When I was finished, I glanced over at Tyler. The kid was still captivated by the cock
he'd been pleasuring, apparently oblivious to anything else. Good, I thought to myself.
Perhaps he won't ask awkward questions...


The rest of the bath was uneventful, with the six of us getting up and washing the cum
and soap from our bodies. The older man introduced himself as Lanlor, a farmer from
nearby who had come into town with Jamin, his partner, and their farmhands Tas and
Marik. Since the four of them did not have a bath at the farm, they came in several
times a week to make use of Gus's.

We redonned our clothing and left the room, surprised to find that the clothing was as
clean as if it had been freshly laundered. Lanlor, after seeing our amazement, informed
us that every bath house used a little bit of cleaning potion in the water so that the
steam would clean and mend any clothing in the room. Magic, he told us, was a most
useful tool. After shaking our hands, the four headed down the street towards their
farmstead and Tyler and I entered the inn to eat dinner.

We dined well, the food refreshing our bodies. Halfway through the meal, a man began
to play a fiddle in the corner and Tyler, expressing his interest, meandered over to sit
with the small crowd and listen. Gus remained at the bar with me and, after he inquired
about my day, I filled him in on the interesting events. I was careful, though, to avoid
mentioning anything that might be inflammatory.

"Son," he said, looking at me. "You are not from around here, are you?"

"I'm not, no. Things were I'm from are... quite different," I said, taking a sip of the
mediocre beer.

"Understood. Understood. Well, I'll tell you what. Though I don't presume to know
everything, I have learned a bit over the years I've tended this bar. Anything particular
that you don't understand and want explained? Seems like this day sort of threw you
for a loop."

I pondered the question. There were a lot of things I didn't understand but I felt as if
most of the things on my mind could not be answered by this well-meaning bartender.
Settling on one question that was bothering me, I bit my lip and began. "Well, I do
have a question I suppose."

He nodded.

"The hunter and his son. When we rescued them, he seemed eager to leave the goblin
hold. However, he and his son didn't always seem eager to leave. In fact, when I came
upon them, they seemed... happy to be in their predicament." I didn't mention the sex
as I didn't know how that would be received or if saying anything would cause
problems for the man.

"You mean because he and his boy were having a hot orgy with those goblins?" Gus
asked, not batting an eye. I looked at him, somewhat shocked. "Oh, they came in here
right after you and your boy went upstairs and told me all about it. We had a good
laugh about your timing. Yeah, at that point, they didn't want to leave. But once the
goblins were dead, then the magic didn't hold them anymore."

"The magic?" I asked.

"Yeah. See, when someone gets captured by an enemy, the magic makes them
submissive. Sexually, I mean. Hell, I got me a man friend whose field I plow every night,
if you catch my drift, but the last time I was captured by goblins, I became the horniest
whore for goblin cock this side of the Algafarian mountains. Once they let you go, if no
hero rescues you, or once the hero rescues you, the magic dissipates and you're no
longer a whore for them."

I nodded. Strange, but whatever. "What do you mean about heroes? Do heroes
regularly rescue people?"

"Sure. It's what heroes do. They show up at the right time, usually when someone
needs something, and they either do it or don't do it. Like the hunter. He gets captured
by goblins regularly. Over the last few years, his boy has begun to be captured as well.
When they are captured, a hero usually wanders into town. Sometimes, they go
questing to save him and his son. Sometimes they don't, and he and his boy come back
to town after a couple of days no worse for wear except for bellies and asses full of
goblin cum."

"What about his daughter?" I asked, before thinking about the question. "Or his wife?"

"Women folk don't get captured by enemies." The man said, chuckling.

"They don't?"

"Why would they? No one wants to have sex with women folk. One only does when one
wants to have children. That's all women folk are good for. Sex is for men and boys.
Procreation is for women. That, and cooking and cleaning of course."

Not exactly a bastion of feminism, this world.

"So what happens when your health drops down to 0?"

"You respawn in the nearest town."

"That's it?"

"That's it."

"And what happens when you kill a goblin. Or any other beast?"

"They respawn eventually. Hell, those goblins you killed today are all probably
wandering around that cave, pissed that they didn't even kill one of you."

"So the only way to die, I mean to permanently die, is to die of old age?"

"For the most part. There are a few powerful magics that are supposed to make it so
you don't respawn but I've only ever heard rumors. Not the kind of thing you want to
think about, if you got any sense."

"Interesting. There were some other people who came in the bathing room after you

"Lanlor and his crew"


"Good people. Good people. Did you have fun with them?"

"Well... We did. But... It was unexpected."

"How so?"

"Well, I wasn't expecting us to..."

"Fool around?"

I nodded. "Yeah. Fool around. I've never fooled around with a boy before and I'm
pretty sure Tyler," I nodded to the boy in the corner who was enraptured by the music,
"has never fooled around with anyone else. Especially not an adult."

"What do you mean by 'especially not an adult'?"

"Men and boy's don't... engage in sex with each other where I am from."

"Where you are from sounds awful," he said, looking aghast. I chuckled. He continued
conspiratorially, "Well here, in Aurora, it's common place. Wait." The man paused. "Are
you saying that the boy has never had a cock up his ass?"

I blushed. "Not that I know of."

"Poor lad! Every boy loves a cock up his ass. Or in his mouth. That's what boyhood is all
about. Hells, men and boys are designed to put cocks in each other; that's why asses
and throats are so elastic. So you and he have never..."

"No!" I said, feeling embarrassed for some reason.

"Well, let me tell you. I've been watching that boy and now it all makes sense. He
wants cock. I mean, every boy wants cock. But he especially wants cock, having been
denied it for so long. Most boys have been getting cock since they could walk. Your boy
is cock starved. You got to rectify that."

I swallowed. "Really?"
If you don't I will do it for you!!!!!!!!


Butt Bux
Yahiko Satoru King 9S
well, I wasn't sure at first but this has been a very enjoyable read and I completely understand your decision to stop
I do hope you eventually find your way into this story; the world you've built is very interesting and I'd like to see more of it


Butt Bux
Hi friends. I have written another large chunk of Land of Heroes and will be posting it in pieces over the next few months. Hope everyone enjoys.

Chapter 13.

"Maybe we should have just headed south," I muttered, my chest burning as I huffed and puffed along behind my untroubled companion. The hike was taking a lot out of me. Tyler, who was several yards ahead, looked over his shoulder and laughed.

"This isn't that bad, Ian. I told you I'd get us through the mountains."

Looking at the boy, I stuck out my tongue before heaving myself up onto the next rock face. We had left Molg Elharn two weeks earlier, having decided to head further east into the Kaylor mountains instead of taking the well-worn roads that led north and south from the dwarven fortress. Our rationale at the time was that, since the Hero Hall in Molg Elharn had not had any quests available for us and we had spent the two weeks prior to our training walking along an easy road, why not pick a direction and adventure into the wilds? It was a decision I had come to regret, though Tyler seemed to be enjoying himself.

I glared at the little barbarian. The twelve-year-old was skipping from rock to rock and ledge to ledge, with no trouble and seemingly no exertion. His bear, Bob, was following him like a happy puppy, the two of them clearly treating the journey like a walk in the park. As a magic user, I didn't have that luxury and felt completely exhausted despite it only being around noon. "Wait!" I called, falling onto my butt. "No more! I need a break!"

Tyler was by my side in a moment, the boy not even sweating! "You ok?" he asked, grinning.

"Shut up," I responded.

"Want me to carry you?" he asked, his grin widening even more.

"I want to eat lunch," I said, folding my arms over my chest.

"And you're sure you don't have any spells that could, you know, help you?"

"No. Believe me, I've checked."

"Don't you have Feather Fall?"

"Yeah, but we keep climbing. We aren't exactly going downwards. If we were descending, I could use it."

The boy grinned even more and I gave him a dirty look. "So," he began slowly, "if that ledge over there is like, the peak or something, then you might be able to just float down out of these mountains?"

"Don't fuck with me, Tyler," I warned, though I was grinning a bit myself.

He shrugged, sitting down to dig in his pack for some provisions. I closed my eyes, sending my thoughts into Shasta and ordering the bird to fly up to the ledge that Tyler had indicated to look around. The bird did as I asked and, viewing through his eyes, I saw, to my astonishment, that the ledge really was overlooking the descending backside of the Kaylor mountains. Over the past few days, I had not bothered to use my familiar to scout since I trusted Tyler to pick the best path. However, had I known we were this close to the peak, I would certainly have approached this morning's hike with more enthusiasm!

"Hell yeah!" I said.

"Told you," Tyler said, his mouth full of bread.

We ate a fast lunch, with Tyler and I laughing and joking about what new adventures we would find. "Maybe we will fight a dragon," he said, eyes glittering.

"I hope not," I said. "I'd bet dragons are way too tough for us to take."

"Maybe," he responded. "It could still be fun, though."

After packing up, the two of us climbed up to the ledge and gazed out over the Kaylor mountains. We were high up, I could tell, and it did appear that the remaining journey would be much more downhill than uphill. A quick feather fall would let me keep up with the boy and his bear as we headed further east and into the forests that lay beyond. I sighed.

"What's that?" Tyler asked and I looked over to where the boy was pointing. Several hundred meters away, down a very steep slope and quite isolated from any available path, was a rocky outcropping that had what appeared to be a stone archway built into the mountainside. Darkness lay beyond, the blackness thick despite the blazing sun overhead.

"A doorway or something," I said, shielding my eyes. "Hard to get to, though."

"We should take a look."

I grunted. "Yeah, we should. Any idea on how to get to it?"

After a few minutes of planning, I cast feather fall on Tyler and myself and we climbed carefully onto an exposed ridge that might allow us to jump, then float, down to the doorway. Tyler went first, letting out a loud whoop of joy as he floated rapidly to the targeted outcropping. I went next, landing just beside the boy who was peering into the hidden entrance.

"You think Bob will be alright waiting for us?" I asked.

"Yeah. Bob's too big to fit in here. We'll get him when we leave."

[Didn't realize there was now a limit to the characters uploaded. Will continue below.]


Butt Bux

Having cast Light on Tyler's weapons, the two of us, with the boy in front, slipped inside the exposed doorway and found ourselves in a tight but definitely navigable hallway. The path sloped downward slightly, with the stone on either side clearly having been worked by humanoid hands.

"A dungeon," I whispered.

"Cool," Tyler whispered back.

We proceeded forward, taking our time and careful to look for traps. I discovered some Highmountain Moss clinging to several cracks in the stone and carefully harvested it, the herb appearing in my greater backpack on top of the various other herbs I had collected over the previous few days. My greater backpack had been part of the new gear I had received when training and it was certainly useful; three times as much inventory room as my original backpack along with a considerable reduction in inventory weight.

Pulling up my UI, I mentally opened my inventory tab and looked at everything I was carrying. Besides the normal gear and trail rations, I also held a variety of herbs, some minerals I had been able to mine with my small mining pick, and my portable alchemy kit. Pretty soon, I knew, I would need to brew some potions as I was rapidly acquiring many of the components I would need for some simple health and mana solutions.

The corridor opened up, then, to a stone room filled with rotting wooden crates and several rusty weapon's racks. Two Skeletons stood next to the other door, their bodies beginning to move as we approached.

Before I could utter a spell, Tyler dashed forward and swung at one of the Skeletons with one of his axes, taking the creature just below the neck and shattering it. The other Skeleton swung it's rusty iron mace at the boy but he dodged, jumping up as the metal passed over his head and countering with a heavy downward chop of his other axe. It crushed the enemy's skull, the bones crumpling to the ground without much sound.

I blinked. Tyler had told me that he had received the Aspect of the Eagle while at his training, the skill giving him uncanny speed, but this was the first time I had seen him use it in battle. His speed was incredible, the boy finishing the two skeletons with perfect ease. "Good job," I said, impressed.

"Thanks." Tyler grinned at me.

The next corridor led to a second room, bigger than the first and containing five Skeletons and one Skeletal Fighter. With a nod, Tyler and I rushed in and attacked.

I muttered GRAVITY WELL at the first Skeleton and the creature, overcome with sudden force, crashed into the ground and broke apart. Turning to the Skeleton that was running at me, I caste LIGHTENING at it and fired off a bolt of powerful energy that flung the creature into the opposite wall, shattering its bones and ending its existence.

Tyler, meanwhile, had rushed the Skeletal Warrior and, despite being considerably shorter, had practically bulldozed the large enemy over. His axes, which were the only source of light, whipped up and down as they tore into the bones of the flailing enemy.

A loud TWANG filled the room and I heard Tyler yelp as he was hit by an arrow from one of the archers, the enemy not getting a chance to fire a second shot as my Firebolt took it in the chest. I yelled MAGIC ARMOR loud enough for Tyler to hear and the boy, now encased in a protective barrier, leapt up and charged the remaining two enemies. He made quick work of them.

Coming over, the boy and I fist bumped before surveying the remains of the battle. Checking my inventory, I saw that I had gained some coins and a rusty bow but little else. We spent the next hour clearing a dozen more rooms, defeating Skeletons, several Skeletal Warriors, and even a Skeletal Knight.

After killing the armored skeleton, Tyler looked at me and rolled his eyes. "You know, with my Aspect of the Bear, I'm resistant to a lot of physical damage. You should consider casting more offensive magic instead of defensive spells on me every time I get hit. I appreciate the help, but I really think I'm fine."

I thought back to the previous few battles and shrugged. I had cast Magic Armor on him every time he had taken damage. "Sorry. Reflex I guess."

"It's ok. If we fight something big, I'll take any spell you want to give me. But these things are all level seven and eight and this is not exactly a difficult dungeon. I haven't even had to Rage down here. And..." he giggled, "I kind of like watching you cast fireballs and lightning and stuff. You look pretty badass when you do."

I grinned.

We cleared out a couple more rooms before we came to the end of the dungeon. It was a circular room, with the only entrance and exit being the one we stood in. A robed figure hovered a foot off the ground in the center of the large space, it's skeletal appendages indicating it was undead and it's levitation suggesting it was a caster of some sort.

We both checked our UI's and saw that the creature, a Skeletal Mage, was level twelve, a rather large departure from the other undead inhabiting this place. With that knowledge, Tyler allowed me to cast Magic Armor, Haste, and Resistance on him before we attacked. Our plan was simple: he would charge the creature while I nuked it from a distance.

On the count of three, the two of us charged forward and attacked, with me firing Lightening at the creature and Tyler closing the distance between he and the enemy in a heartbeat before slashing with both of his axes. The Skeletal Mage responded when we entered, hurling a nasty looking greenish fire at me before several floating bones spun up around it and attacked Tyler. I dodged to the right, circling the room and preparing to fire another spell at the creature. Tyler jumped back and forth, destroying the bones as they attacked and attempting to get through the Mage's defenses.

As I was about to hurl my own Firebolt at the creature, my foot stepped on what I thought was solid ground but, to my amazement, was an illusion. As I tumbled forward, into the hidden darkness below, the last thing I as was Tyler scoring a hit across the undead's chest.


I woke up some time later, my mind quickly snapping to full alertness. I was in a dimly lit room, the stone walls similar to those in the dungeon Tyler and I had been exploring. I was restrained, my body lying in a reclined position with bleach-white bone wrapped around my arms and chest. My knees had been pulled toward my head, bone holding my legs open and exposing my asshole to the room. I was trapped, my nudity obvious as I felt a cool breeze slide across my puckered hole. "What the hell?" I said, to no one in particular.

Then, to my horror, I saw that I was not alone. A Skeletal Mage floated in the center, not looking at me or reacting in any way. As I scanned around, I saw the symbol for two-thirds carved above the sole entrance to the room. Was I on the second level, then? Glancing left and right, I saw my gear folded neatly nearby.

A sudden movement caught my eye and I saw a skeletal hand rise up from the pile of bones that apparently was acting as my prison. In the skeletal hand was a long bone, it's smooth polished surface gleaming slick in the little light of the room. It was phallic shaped, thick and with a flared head. "Oh shit..." I said, suddenly feeling an overwhelming desire to have the bone dildo up my ass. "Oh shit!" I grunted, as the bone dildo was pressed against my hole.

"Fuck!!!" I squealed as the hand plunged the bone deep into my quivering anus, the slick tool finding no resistance and immediately filling me completely. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh SHIT!" It began to pound me vigorously, the thick bone hitting all the right spots within me and sending me to the moon. The flared head, apparently angled perfectly, sawed aggressively across my helpless prostate and I saw sparks.

Before I knew it, my cock, which had immediately become rock hard, shuddered violently and I came, spurt after spurt hitting me in the chest and face as I climaxed all over myself from the frantic anal pounding I was receiving. "Yes! YES!" I cried, wanting to give myself wholeheartedly to the pleasure.

The bone dildo didn't stop with my orgasm, though, and continued to fuck me with vigor and purpose. Though my climax began to melt away, I felt, deep in my gut, a sort of calm acceptance come over me as I floated on a cloud of the soft pleasure being generated from my steady plundering. It was a constant pleasure, my whole body tingling in enjoyment as my cock leaked a steady stream of cum.

I wasn't sure how long my state of bliss lasted, with my mind so unfocused. I did notice, sometime later, that the soft pleasure emanating from my manpussy had taken a distinctly sharper feeling and, with that realization, I felt a new orgasm building. "Yessss!" I moaned, feeling the pounding ratchet up in speed and intensity. "Oh fuck me!" I screamed, my body on fire. I came, then, dumping a massive load across my face and chest as climax number two crushed my senses.

Time had no meaning. Existence became continual pleasure punctuated by sharp overwhelming orgasms that purged me of any other thoughts. I didn't even notice the sounds of battle around me, so lost in my own gratification.

Then, to my great horror, the dildo fucking me left my eager cunt and clattered to the floor, my body heaving as my latest orgasm softly dissipated. My eyes found focus and I looked around the room, not seeing anything.

Minutes passed and my mind returned to normal, my brain providing me with the spell Life Unchained which, when cast, sent out a burst of force from my body meant to break any low-level bindings holding me in place. The bones around me shattered when I cast the spell and I found myself able to stand. I was absolutely covered in cum.


Butt Bux
"CREATE WATER" I muttered, casting the spell directly over me as I let the cool liquid rain down upon me and clean my body of my drying spunk. After four casts, I felt clean. Before donning my armor and equipping my things, I scanned the room once to ensure nothing could attack me while I was preoccupied. I saw nothing, save for the broken corpse of a Skeletal Mage and a hole in the ground filled with unnatural darkness.

My mind made several connections then I used my Ring of Linking to focus in on Tyler. Though I had just had an undeterminable number of climaxes, I felt my cock stiffen at the sight the Ring of Linking conjured in my mind. I saw Tyler, his nude body situated in a similar condition as mine was only minutes before, struggling against the bony restraints that kept his legs spread open wide. As I watched, his eyes glazed over and a skeletal hand, holding a bone dildo I easily recognized, slithered up between his outstretched legs and thrust the sex toy deep into his tiny boycunt. Over the next two minutes, the bone white dildo pounded him senseless until he was overwhelmed with a powerful boycum. Stroking myself, I watched lustily as his cock throbbed uncontrollably before shooting his watery load all over himself while he thrashed about. I came a moment later, my seed splattering on the stone floor.

Ending our link, I rearmed myself, gathered my gear, and searched the area. I was unsurprised when I found a small set of stairs nearly hidden in the rock which led me to the third floor of the dungeon. Immediately, I was confronted by a lone Skeleton.

I made quick work of my enemy, as well as the following ten that I fought in the various rooms I explored. Eventually, I heard the distant moaning of my miniature companion and knew I was getting close. Two more Skeletons tried to block my way, but I defeated them easily, my mind only partially focused on Tyler's screams of "Fuck me! Yes! Fuck me!"

Soon, I found myself standing just beyond the room that held Tyler, who was clearly cumming his brains out, and the floating Skeletal Mage. Checking my UI, I waited a moment until my mana was full before casting a variety of defensive wards on myself. It was time to rescue my boy.

I stepped into the room and fired Firebolt at the undead magic user, knowing that the spell was one of my highest damage dealers and hoping to overwhelm the creature quickly. It's shield absorbed much of the blast, though, and I quickly had to follow up my strike with Lightening. Then I cast Gravity Well, Arcane Blast, and Summon Weak Fire Elemental.

The mage launched several spells at me, though my own Resist Magic, Magic Shield, and Magic Armor took the brunt of that damage. It was a classic wizards duel, I thought, with both sides hurling spells at each other and waiting to see whose defenses would fail or who would run out of mana. I won, though, because my third Firebolt met no resistance as it crashed into the floating undead. The creature fell to the floor, stumbling and trying to cast something. I didn't let it, following up with a Gravity Well that crushed the bones of my enemy into a fine powder.

I gave a loud whoop of success but was drowned out by Tyler's cry of "I'm CUMMING!!!!" which echoed loudly off the walls. I looked above the entrance and saw they symbols for three-thirds, suspecting that this was the final part of the dungeon. My suspicion was confirmed a moment later when a large golden chest materialized at the back of the room.

Walking over, I saw that Tyler's bone prison was quickly losing it's magic as the bone dildo clattered to the floor and the skeletal hand fell limply next to it. Tyler's hole, which was pink and puffy, twitched as the boy's climax died down and I watched, my own cock semi-stiff, as the light of intelligence came back into his eyes.

"Holy fuck," he said, when his brain cleared the lusty fog of his predicament.


We sat on the ledge outside the dungeon, looking over the vista before us as Bob grunted at us from several meters away. We were eating an earlier dinner, both of us gathering our strength for the decent out of the mountains. With my Feather Fall, it was going to be quite easy and much faster.

"So that's when I checked my Ring of Linking," Tyler was saying, "And saw that skeleton dildo fucking you. It was so hot!" He laughed and I did as well.

"So what did you do, then?" I asked.

The boy blushed. "Well, so..."

"You jerked off, didn't you?" I asked, laughing.

"Yeah," he said sheepishly. "I couldn't help it. But then I came and rescued you!"

"And then you fell into the trap and got captured yourself!" I pointed out.


I laughed. Then he did. With that, I put my arm around him and grinned. "Well, for the record, I jerked off when I when I first saw you through the ring. Came all over the ground!"

We both laughed again. Being captured had been an interesting experience. As we compared notes, we both agreed that our whole world devolved into the pleasure we were feeling and nothing else mattered so long as we were engaged in sex. "Maybe we should get captured more often," Tyler said with a cheeky grin.

"Maybe." I said. "But I'd kinda like to not be at the mercy of our captors."

"Yeah," he said. "You're right."

"So," I said, changing the topic, "What do you think of the loot?" We had received a variety of rusty weapons and armor as we had scoured the dungeon, several small chests providing both coins and odds and ends. The real interesting thing was the golden chest, which contained a magical map. Having cast Identify on the map, I learned that it was a Map of Wanderer and was an awesome find.

"The map is pretty cool," he said.

"Yeah, it's going to be a huge help." Reaching into my pack and toggling my inventory screen, I pulled out the map and unrolled it for both Tyler and I to look.

The map showed the Sleepy Vale, the Vacostra Highlands, and the Kaylor Mountains in exquisite color and detail. Across the map, dozens of small markings indicated hamlets, villages, and towns throughout the three regions. Roads were visible. Trails too. We recognized locations where we had visited, with Molg Elharn, Morgana's Bay, Goldenshield, Bonnie Hill, and Peaceford easy to find. There were many other locations listed, however, and I knew that Tyler and I had never passed through many of them.

"Why are some of the areas grey and foggy?" Tyler asked, indicating other portions of the map that showed demonstrable borders but little else. Those areas, clouded under a smoky mist that was clearly magic, only gave us a rough idea of what lay beyond the bright colors of the three zones in which we had traveled.

"My guess," I responded, "is that this map treats Aurora like the world map in Land of Heroes treated that world. Everything is divided up into zones. Those zones may be based on geography, like the Highlands, or political in nature. Look here," I said, pointing to three grey zones that bordered the Valcostra Highlands. "These three here are the kingdoms that Quell told us about, if I had to guess. Since we never entered their borders, we know little about them. Had we done so, I bet the map would show them just like it shows everywhere else we have been."

"And this area?" Tyler said, pointing to the east of the Kaylor Mountains and the region into which we were now headed. "It's grey."

"I bet, when we leave the mountains, it will be filled in." I said. He nodded.

"This is the cool part, though." Tyler responded, pointing to the little blinking dot that showed our current location. "Like GPS."

"Useful," I said. "Really useful."

Taking my hand and gently pressing against the paper, I fiddled with it for a few moments before I was able to shrink the local area down to just a small portion of the map and Tyler and I muttered in awe. Zooming out even farther, we were now able to see the entire continent. It was huge. Manipulating the map again, I zoomed as far as I could and heard Tyler whisper "Wow."

"Yeah," I said, seeing that our continent was one of many huge land masses. This world, Aurora, was massive.

Rolling up the map, I put it back in my inventory and looked at the boy. "So, ready to get out of these mountains?"


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